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Throughout the year we are busy with those who are moving in, moving out, or changing decor. However, this time of year is special as we start to see the promise of longer days, sunshine and new growth. Spring is coming! 

If you have been putting off dealing with that 'stuff in the other room' or 'garage', now would be a great time to check in with us to see if we can sell it for you.  It feels so good to cross something off the never ending 'to do' list!~ and it is so simple: just email us some photos of what you have an we will let you know if it's worth bringing over.  And we do the rest of the work for you.  You will be glad you did it. 

And if it's time to upgrade that sofa, or add extra storage... or maybe it's time for a new piece of art?... We have so many great options with new items arriving daily. There will be something to tempt you.  It feels so good to purchase here because your dollar goes farther, and you are supporting the community of your neighbors who are selling with us.

This crazy snow business should all be in the rear view now, so let's start looking forward to the newness of spring. We can be your partner for spring cleaning!

Hope to see you soon!

-Tamara & CNW crew







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