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25 years!!!


Established in October 1998, Consignment Northwest brought a new concept to the Pacific Northwest.  At 12,000 square feet at its inception, there was nothing to rival the scale or quality of what was started here.

​In the last 25 years, we have seen many cultural and world changes.  We have evolved through the rise of the internet, the widening scope of marketing and the transition of communication from print to email.  We also expanded our business to 17,000 square feet, added fine jewelry consignment and much more.

What has remained unchanged over the years is our commitment to providing the best products we can at prices that are a true value.  You can be proud to shop here.  Not only does your dollar go farther, but you are actively supporting a local business and sustainability.

During the month of October, we are celebrating our longevity and continued success and we want you, our loyal patrons, to join us!  Throughout the month, we will have decorations, a sweepstakes with prizes and a special event (to be announced).


We are so thankful to this community for the opportunity to serve you.  Though we feel we are just getting started, we are so proud to say 'we're still here'!

As always, we hope to see you soon!

-Tamara & CNW crew







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